Nidhi Barada: जिम ट्रेनर के प्यार के चक्कर में पड़ने पर अपने पति को मारने का किया प्लान, फिर हुआ……

Haryana News
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Nidhi Barada: जिम ट्रेनर के प्यार के चक्कर में पड़ने पर अपने पति को मारने का किया प्लान, फिर हुआ......
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Nidhi Barada News

haryana news
haryana news
haryana news
haryana news


haryana news
haryana news
Nidhi Barada: जिम ट्रेनर के प्यार के चक्कर में पड़ने पर अपने पति को मारने का किया प्लान, फिर हुआ......
Nidhi Barada

Nidhi Barada: After two and a half years, there has been a major revelation in Panipat’s famous Vinod Barara murder case. Vinod was killed not out of any dispute but by giving betel nut as part of a conspiracy. The crime was committed by Vinod’s wife Nidhi and her gym trainer Sumit.

The special case is that Sumit, who is blinded by his love for his wife, hires Dev Sunar to buy a loading vehicle so that Vinod dies accidentally. Nidhi Barada

But Plan A didn’t work and Supari went to jail for the accident. At this time, Sumit bore the fees and household expenses of the accused’s children and subsequently got the accused bailed under Plan B. But this time a mercenary assassin Dev Sunar shot and killed Vinod with a pistol. Know the full story…

Panipat SP Ajit Singh Shekhawat said Paramhans Kutia, a resident of Desraj’s son Virendra, lodged a complaint with the police in December 2021 and said that his nephew Vinod Barara used to run a computer center at Sukhdev Nagar in the city.

On the evening of 5th October 2021, Vinod was sitting at the gate of Paramhansa’s cottage, when the driver of a Punjab number vehicle hit Vinod.

Vinod broke both his legs. In this case, he had registered a case against the accused driver in the city police station. The police had arrested the driver of the vehicle, accused Dev Sunar alias Deepak, a resident of Bathinda, Punjab.

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Nidhi Barada God the goldsmith came to kill under the pretense of a covenant

After about 15 days Dev Sunar came to them for a compromise. When they refused to compromise, the accused left after threatening dire consequences. Keeping his anger in his heart, accused Dev Sunar came to Vinod’s house on 15 December 2021 with a country-made pistol and went inside and locked the door.

He was shot in the waist and head

Seeing this, Vinod’s wife raised an alarm and Virendra along with neighbors reached Vinod’s house for help. He tried to open the door but it wouldn’t open. Accused Dev Sunar, seen from the window, threw Vinod down from the bed and shot him in the waist and head with a pistol.

They arrested the accused Dev Sunar on the spot and handed him over to the police and took the bloodied nephew Vinod to Agrasen Hospital. Doctors there declared Vinod dead. In this case, on the complaint of Virendra, a case was registered in the city police station and legal action was taken.

A message came from Australia and changed the course of the whole affair

Police Captain Ajit Singh Shekhawat further said that the accused Dev Sunar is lodged in Panipat Jail. The police submitted this bill to the court and the case was on. Meanwhile, a message was received on WhatsApp from the brother of late Vinod Barara. The brother, who lives in Australia, suspected the involvement of other accused in the case.

Nidhi used to talk to Sumit

Taking this seriously, the SP handed over the investigation to Inspector-in-Charge of CIA 3, Deepak Kumar. A team of CIA three policemen re-examined the file and with the permission of the court resumed the investigation. Meanwhile, it came to light that accused Dev Sunar used to talk to a young man named Sumit and Sumit was talking a lot to Nidhi, wife of deceased Vinod Barda.

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