Apple’s first foldable iPhone could launch in 2027

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Apple's first foldable iPhone could launch in 2027
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Apple: According to a recent report by Taiwanese research company Trend Force, the foldable iPhone is unlikely to arrive before 2027.

This news comes despite many rumors and speculations about Apple’s foldable device. While competitors like Samsung have already entered the foldable phone market, Apple is being more cautious.

According to the report, Apple’s delay is due to its “stringent portability and reliability requirements”. Unlike some existing foldable phones with visible creases along the curved sides of the screen, Apple is aiming for a smooth, almost pre-folding. Additionally, the report focuses on “reliability” and raises concerns about the durability of the folding mechanism.

Despite the delay, analysts believe the foldable iPhone could still be a game-changer. Trend Force emphasizes that Apple’s significant market influence and established customer base will “significantly change market dynamics” when the foldable iPhone finally hits the market.

This is not the first time that news of Apple’s foldable device has hit the internet. Apple supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Guo previously reported that the tech giant will release a 20.3-inch foldable MacBook in 2027.

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