577 Haj pilgrims died due to heat: Also 323 were Egyptians

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577 Haj pilgrims died due to heat: Also 323 were Egyptians
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One hundred and seventy seven  reached 52 degrees Celsius in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. 577 Haj pilgrims died due to heat in Mecca, Saudi Arabia between June 12 and June 19. Last year the figure would have been 240. On 17 June, the temperature in Makkah’s Grand Mosque reached 51.8 degrees Celsius.

According to an account in The Guardian, the dead included 323 Egyptian citizens and 60 Jordanian citizens. Apart from this, deaths of Haj pilgrims have occurred in Iran, Indonesia and Senegal. It is not clear whether there is any Indian in this or not. According to AFP’s two political officials, many of the deaths are due to heat stroke.

Treatment of 2,000 Haj pilgrims begins in Saudi Arabia
Egypt’s foreign ministers have said that they are conducting operations to find missing people in coordination with Saudi authorities. Saudi Arabia has said that 2,000 Haj pilgrims suffering from heat stroke are being treated for the treatment.

On June 17, the temperature in Makkah’s Grand Mosque reached 51.8 degrees Celsius. According to Saudi Arabian officials, the cold wave in Mecca is having a negative impact on the climate change. The overall temperature here is increasing by 0.4 °C every 10 years.

Last year 240 people would have died

or last year 240 Haj pilgrims would have died. Most of them are Indonesian. Saudi Arabia has provided advice on the use of umbrellas to all migrants. Apart from this, it is continuously being used for drinking water and avoiding sunlight.

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However, most of the Hajj ritual days are celebrated in India, including worship at Mount Arafat. For this purpose the Haj pilgrims remain outside for a long time. Along with the Haj pilgrims, many other people are seen taking the path of other pilgrims in Hajj. Many people have died. There is a continuous flow of ambulances on the Hajj route.

Visa free Haj pilgrims are eligible to perform Hajj this year. 18 lakh Haj pilgrims have been registered for Hajj this year. Of these, 16 lakh people are from other countries. Every year thousands of passengers go to Hajj, most of whom do not have visa. Due to lack of money, these migrants have to go to Mecca on their way.

Saudi diplomatic news agency AFP reported that the number of Egyptian travellers among the dead was increasing because many of them were not reported. Thousands of ethnic Hajj pilgrims from Saudi Arabia would have flocked to Mecca at the beginning of this month.

It is an honour to be hosted by the Saudi Arabian Royal Family. The Saudi king is seen as the guardian of two holy mosques.

what is this? Hajj is one of the five duties in Islam. According to the belief, every Muslim person has to perform one or the other duty during his life. According to BBC News, in 628 AD Prophet Mohammed started his journey with his 1400 disciples. This was the first pilgrimage of Islam and the religious tradition of Ibrahim was reestablished by this traveller. This is Hajj.

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Every year Muslims from all over the world reach Mecca via Saudi Arabia for Hajj. Hajj lasts for five days and ends with Eid al-Adha or Bakridla. Saudi Arabia prepares Hajj quota for each country.

Indonesia has the largest quota among these. After this, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Nigeria came next. Apart from this, Haj pilgrims are from many countries including Iran, Türkiye, Egypt and Ethiopia. Hajj pilgrims first reach the Saudi Arabian city of Jeddah. From Tethun one goes to settle in the city of Mecca.

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