India’s number one enemy eliminated, killed by firing bullets

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India's number one enemy eliminated, killed by firing bullets
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Terrorist killed in Pakistan: The enemies who create havoc in India through terrorist attacks are being eliminated one by one. In this sequence, another enemy of India has been killed, who had plotted the Gurdaspur terrorist attack in Punjab, India in the year 2015. His name is Ali Raza. He was an ISI officer and was currently posted in the Counter Terrorism Department i.e. CDT in Sindh province of Pakistan. He was shot dead in Karachi last Sunday.

What did the eunuchs do with him? They used to do this even in front of the king

Raza was involved in the terrorist attack in Gurdaspur, Punjab on 27 July 2015 in India, he had an important role among the conspirators of this attack. In this attack, 7 people including four security personnel were killed. This incident had increased the tension between India and Pakistan.

How did the attack happen?
Let us tell you that on 27 July 2015, three armed terrorists wearing army uniforms carried out a deadly attack in Dinanagar, Gurdaspur, Punjab. The terrorists first hijacked the car and shot Kamaljit Singh who was riding in it. After this, they opened fire around the Dinanagar bus stand and targeted a Punjab Roadways bus coming from Bamiyal. After this, they attacked a police station where the guard and the havildar posted on duty were killed. SHO Mukhtiar Singh was also injured.

The terrorists did not stop here, they entered the nearby hospital and attacked and shot 3 patients. After this, they went to the Punjab Home Guard office behind the police station where they opened indiscriminate fire and killed three home guard officers. In this terrorist attack, Superintendent of Police Baljit Singh was martyred in the operation.
The attacker is not identified
Let us tell you that the person who killed Ali Raza has not been identified yet. The attacker is a

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