Today is the day of decisions in SC, judgement on 19 cases including Kejriwal’s arrest; hearing on NEET too

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Today is the day of decisions in SC, judgement on 19 cases including Kejriwal's arrest; hearing on NEET too
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After the summer vacation, work has resumed in the Supreme Court from today. On the very first day, the Supreme Court is going to give verdict on 19 major cases.

Apart from this, decisions will be given on many important cases throughout this week.

Apart from this, the court is going to give its verdict on many important cases throughout this week. One of these cases is also of Arvind Kejriwal, in which he has challenged his arrest by the ED.Apart from this, the decision is also to come on the petition of the West Bengal government, in which it had accused the misuse of CBI.

A case of contempt of court is also going on against Baba Ramdev and Patanjali Ayurveda. The court will give an important decision on this too. On Monday alone, the court will give 19 decisions.

In all these cases, the court had completed the hearing before the summer vacation and kept the decisions in reserve. The court vacation started on 17 May.

This week, decisions are also to come in some cases heard by the constitutional benches. The constitutional benches of 5, 7 and 9 judges had also completed the hearing of many cases.

Now the decisions are awaited on these. Let us tell you that in the last 50 days of vacation, the court has written in detail the decisions on which the hearing has been completed.

Therefore, now the bench will sit and directly give the decisions.

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For this reason, it will not take much time and today, decisions will be given in more than one and a half dozen cases in a single day.

Decisions are also to be given on matters like civil rights of illegal Bangladeshis, minority status of Aligarh Muslim University, classification in SC-ST quota.

Let us tell you that cases were heard in the Supreme Court even during the summer vacations. A total of 1,170 cases were settled in 20 benches of the court during this period

Experts of Supreme Court cases say that this year has been a record. Last year, only 751 cases were settled during the summer vacations.

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