Mahindra Scorpio N: If the custome found big defect, So the company will fix it for free

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Mahindra Scorpio N: If the custome found big defect, So the company will fix it for free
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Mahindra Scorpio N Recall: The demand for Mahindra cars is increasing every day. In such a situation, you must have seen that there are many people who like Mahindra Scorpio N. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you that a big defect has been found in Scorpio N. Let us know about this defect in the news, which the company will fix for free.

Recall news often comes to the fore in the Indian car market. Due to which the company as well as the customers suffer losses. Once again a similar case has come to the fore when a defect has been found in Mahindra’s popular SUV Scorpio N. After which the company has recalled it. Let us know due to which defect the company has had to recall and how the company will help the customers.

Defect in Scorpio N

Mahindra’s mid-size SUV Scorpio N is well liked in India. It is the best selling SUV in its segment. But it has been recalled again. This recall has been done by the company to re-torque the nut of the alternator pulley, steering input shaft as well as to install extra clips on the transmission wiring of automatic units. The company has recalled the units made in the year 2023. So far there is no information about how many vehicles Mahindra has recalled.

How to get information

Mahindra (Mahindra latest car) is informing customers through calls, messages and e-mails. Apart from this, recall information has also been made available on the company’s official website. For this, the VIN number of the vehicle is required. Recall information can also be obtained by visiting the company’s showroom or service center.

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Will be fixed for free

All the vehicles recalled by Mahindra (Mahindra latest car) will be repaired for free… that is, no charge of any kind will be taken from the customers. Anyway, whenever a car is recalled, the company fixes it for free because the entire fault lies with the company.

There was a defect earlier too

Mahindra Scorpio N was recalled earlier also due to a defect. The company had recalled 6618 units during November 2022. At that time the recall was done to check the clutch bell housing in the manual transmission units.

Bumper discount on Scorpio-N

Mahindra has also given a very good discount (Bumper discount on Scorpio-N) to clear the old stock of Scorpio N. The company has given a discount of up to Rs 1 lakh on the top model Z8 (diesel) of Scorpio N. While a flat discount of Rs 60,000 is being given on the petrol model (Bumper discount on Scorpio-N). This SUV has two engine options which include 2.2 liter diesel and 2.0 liter petrol. The price of Scorpio N ranges from Rs 13.60 lakh to Rs 24.54 lakh.

Top in sales

Last month (May 2024), 13,717 units of Mahindra Scorpio / N were sold, whereas in the month of May last year, the company sold 14,286 units of it. Scorpio / N is being liked a lot by the family class. It is perfect for long distances. Very good features have been given in it for safety.

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