Haryana Crime News: Woman kills husband to marry gym trainer It is conducted after 3 years

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Woman kills husband to marry gym trainer It is conducted after 3 years
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Haryana Crime News:  In 2021 a man was hit by a mini truck near his home, seriously injuring him and breaking both his legs.

The driver of the truck, Dev Sunar, forces the victim, Vinod Barara, to withdraw the case. However, when the victim refused, the truck driver shot him dead inside his house.

An open and shut case, one would assume. However, there is more to this gruesome murder than meets the eye and after three years, the police have finally solved the mystery thanks to WhatsApp messages and a follow-up by an IPS officer.

The entire murder was conspired by the deceased’s wife, Nidhi, so that she could marry her gym instructor.

Vinod Barara, who runs a computer institute, was married to Nidhi and had a daughter. He lived in Panipat, Haryana.

However, things take a turn in their lives after Nidhi falls in love with her gym trainer, Sumit, and they begin an affair. Vinod soon finds out about their affair and confronts his wife. There were frequent arguments between the two over this matter.

Unable to bear the daily quarrels, Nidhi conspired with Sumit to kill her husband. The duo gave a contract to Dev Sunar of Punjab to crush Vinod under a truck and kill him. Sunar was paid around Rs 10 lakh in cash for the hit work.

However, Vinod managed to survive the accident on 5 October 2021 despite sustaining serious injuries.

Desperate to kill Vinod, Nidhi activates Plan B and asks Dev Sunar to shoot her husband. About two months after the accident, Sunar broke into Vinod’s house and shot him dead at point blank range.

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Sunar has been arrested and has confessed to the crime. He claimed that Vinod killed him when he refused to settle out of court.

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